2019 Training

I am delighted to introduce our curriculum
I plan to it a complete year and will cover our full combatives curriculum,
We will complete  this through our weekly classes supported by full a number of full day course,
This is the most comprehensive integrated curriculum  I have put together 
so there will a Special “Certificate in Advanced Self Defence tactics” awarded to those who complete all 3 x 12 Week courses and the 3 full day courses
There are two way to train with us

Join The Academy

You can join the academy and  pay a monthly feee.
There are 2 options “once a week”  or Open Access”
Once a week allow you attend any on class a week, the monthly fee is 55 per month.
Open access allows you attend up to 3 classes a week and gives  access to our 3 full day classes. The monthly fee is €75. The open access also allows you attend our regular 2 day course once during the year to keep your core skillsup to date,

Book Specific Courses

it is also possible to book a specific 12 Week advanced course and full day classes
We will have 3 courses in 2018
Power Striking
This programme will build punching, kicking and other striking skills. This will include
  • Street Boxing
  • Where and when to punch
  • Street Combinations
  • Kicking in the Street
  • Combining Knees and Elbows with punches and kicks
  • MicroStriking (close proximity strikes)
  • Striking for awkward positions (ground, pinned, being held)
This course will develop your striking ability , timing and co-ordinations 
as its our first course back after the new year we will place an extra focus on fitness and conditions
You can book an book  ’12 week course’/semester
Each advanced course is 195
Weapons ( May)
This course will over defence agains weapons including
  • Knives/Sharp Object
  • Sticks /Blunt Object
  • Guns and Rifles
Level Up Sept 2019
This course will  difficult and extreme situations 
  • Ground Fighting
  • Multiple Attackers
  • Recovering from Surprise Attacks
  • Control and Restraint

Advanced 1 Day Course

We have a 1 day course Dec 8   3 advanced 1 day course  in 2019
The advanced class can be booked individually at 95 , or are free when you book all l 3
 12 week courses) or join the Academy as an open access member
 The Advanced Week Courses
 End of Year Roundup
We will go through all the core ideas from this year including
  • Range based Combat
  • Intense Scenarios
  • Weapon integration training


2019 Advanced Fuill Day Courses

Knife:  Advanced Knife Defence: March
Ground: Ground Fight August
Integrations:  December
Complete integration, we will cover all material thought in 2019

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