Is There an Age Limit on our Self Defence Classes



Regardless of age, it's important for individuals to learn self-defense skills. However, as we go through life, our bodies may become more vulnerable, making self-defense even more crucial. Here are a few reasons why learning self-defense is valuable:
Confidence and empowerment: Learning self-defense can create a sense of empowerment and confidence in individuals, which can have positive impacts in various aspects of their lives.
Improved physical fitness: Self-defense techniques require physical strength and agility, which can improve an individual's physical fitness.


Reduced fear and anxiety: Fear of physical attack can be a significant source of anxiety. Self-defense training can help individuals feel safer and more secure.


Overall, learning self-defense is a valuable skill for individuals, regardless of age or physical ability. It can help increase confidence, improve physical fitness, and reduce fear of physical attack.

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