What They Say

Sunday Times

“Pressure tactics simulate real-life situations, making the class quite frightening at times. The exercises got my adrenalin pumping and brings out all the aggression necessary to survive a real-life attack. I had endured a strenuous workout and learned to defend myself.”

GQ Active

Best in the World for self defence. “It is totally practical, no flashy kicks or great spiritual angle. Students (sometimes) train in their work clothes, with the lights off, using furniture – anything to prepare themselves mentally for tapping their aggression into a particular situation.”

Combat Magazine

“It (Krav Maga) has more self defense cred than any other system we know about – and we know quite a bit about the subject!”

P Douglas, Bodyguard, Scotland Yard Anti-Terrorist Branch (Middle East section).

“Everybody should know Krav Maga, it works! The best self defence system on the market.”

Deputy Lawrence Garcia, Instructor, Arizona Law Enforcement Training Academy.

“The simplicity of Krav Maga and its absolute effectiveness were startling. Perhaps most impressive was its ability to be equally effective for both males and females.”

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