Level 2 Training

The goal is to provide the most comprehensive training possible and provide options depending on availability and location.

There is a Max of 18 places on advanced courses So if you want to make sure of your place, do book straightway.

Advanced/Level 2 Training

All courses are open to those who have taken /are taking our
A 12-week or 2-day course.

July  29: 1 Day: Knife and Gun

1 Day Course
- Knife Defence
- Gun Disarms
- Weapon Recognition
September 12 Week Course:  Gun and Stuck Defence

December 16: Ground and Tight Spaces

Ground defence and combat
- Avoiding going to the Ground
- Fighting from the ground
- Escape from being pinned
- ..more
Bundle Options
There are several 'bundle' options which provide significant discounts
A free pass to retake our core weekend course to help you really cement your capabilities.
The courses are designed so that you can take them individually or as a group
You can book advanced classes here:

FCAT Female Counter Assault Course

This course is open to all women and teenage girls (Accompanied by a parent).

it's ideal for people you know who cannot or do not wish to take our full course.

This course covers specific issues facing women.
This is great to help a friend or family member get access to our essential self defence skills,


Past Participant Course Repeat


Past students may attend our 12 Week or 2 Day Course at a reduced Fee of €145.

They may also book 2 more places per course at this fee to bring friends or colleagues at the
reduced fee

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