Advanced Training Programme

Level 2 Training

The goal is to provide the most comprehensive training possible and provide options depending on availability and location.

We have weekend courses and weekly classes.

You can choose to focus on any type or mix and match depending on your availability.

The weekend classes, 1 Day course: €145, Weekend class are €245, there are very significant discounts for multiple bookings.

Weekend Classes

- Beyond Technique:  Learn the underlying principles of our system so that you can develop your own specific response]

- Mental Toughness and Self Confidence: part of our new Positive Psychology programme, understand and happy the leading edge techniques and concepts form the science of positive psychology and other humanist disciplines

- 2-Day Advanced Course; 2 Full data of next-level training, including knife defence, ground fighting guns and sticks

- July: Gun and Knife Defence:  How to defend against weapons

- September: Ground and Tight Spaces: Fighting from the Ground and in difficult situations

The full day's courses are designed to be taken individually or as a group to get the optimal result.

All 1-day courses can be taken for €595, plus when you book them all, you get a free place on our core weekend course.

This can be taken by you or gifted to someone else. This allows you to enjoy training to the value  of €1,030 for just €595, a saving of €435

You can book here

Our Weekly Classes (€195 Each)

- Combat Fitness and Extended Range:  This programme teaches street boxing and distance kicking, plus it will work in combat fitness

- Third-party Protection /Control and Restraint/Knife Defence: How to Protect Others and restrain assailants on your own and as a team, plus Knife Defence

- Sticks and Gun Defence:

Each course is €195, you can book all 3 for €550, plus enjoy a pass to our two-day course. For yourself or someone else

All Training

You also have the option of booking all classes  for a fee of 995; with this option, you can also
receive two passes to free our weekend course for use by yourself or another.

For the free 2-day course passes, we can provide Gift Vouchers if required.



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