Advanced Training Programme

Level 2 Courses

Extreme Close Quarter
The September Level 2 12 WeeK course Covers Ground Fighting  and Extreme Close Quarter
Combat Fitness and Long-Range Combat
The January 12 Week course will Cover Combat Fitness and Long-Range Combat
This is a perfect partner for the extremely close quarter course
Remember, We will be providing Certs of these Courses are awarded
at our Christmas party
Beyond Technique
This is effectively an Instructors course where I breakdown how to deal with any situation
into a set of core principles it took me 20 years to develop
Advanced 2 Day Course: 22/23  -23
This is our advanced 2 say course it runs just once a year, it build on the course skills and adds in some
core concepts just as advanced weapons defence , ground fighting and protecting others,  It can bve taken as a standalone course
but is also a great complement to our weekly advanced classes.
Tools for Mental Toughness
This is the opportunity to get in early in  Brand New "Psychology for Results" club I am launching this year.
This pulls together my background as an MBA, Psychotherapist, Positive Psychology Coach and qualified financial consultant
We are still in the formation phase, we'll be closing out of Foundation Tools for Mental Toughness Course
in the next 4-6 weeks, you will get instant access to all this material
plus lifetime access to the following Courses which Will be Created in the Next Year:
A new courses will be  launched every 6-8 weeks for the year
- Integral Confidence
- Life Path Design (Application of Design thinking to life) planning
- Building Your Financial Fortress
- Effective Decision Making.. How to make the decisions
- Building a  You Centric Business .. How to build a side business to create new income or test a business idea or build on your existing business
  The core idea is to build a business that lets you live your life instead of taking over your life
Mental Toughness Live in-person 1 Day course (October)
As we are still in the formation phase
Lifetime access to these courses is  just €195
*  From next month the fee will increase by €100 every month
All Courses
For those who want to make this an Amazing Year,
There is a very good single price to take all self defence courses for the next Year
Including Lifetime access to the "Psychology for Results" courses

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