Challenged Coin Launch: Limited Run

I am delighted to announce the launch of a unique range of Challenge Coins.

Challenge coins are traditionally used by elite military units,  they have to be earned and prove you
are a member..

..We now have challenge coins for people who have taken our course..


These are Gilded Commemorative Coins

I wanted to give past students the first option and the best  opportunity
..There is a very limited amount of coins being created on this run


Core Course Completion €75

Completed 12 Weeks of our Weekend Course

  • Bronze Gilded Commersite Coin
  • Logo / Be your own  Bodyguard

You can purchase the Challenge course for

You have the option of booking an advanced course
and pay for the course and just €35 for the coin


Advanced Completion:  €95

Completed 12 Weeks advanced / 2 Advanced full days

You have the option to purchase the course on its own or
booking the and advanced 1 day course or 2 day course
and paying just €35 for the coin.


Trilogy 2023 €125

If you completed 3 advanced courses in 2023

You have the option of purchasing the coin our right
or booking an advanced 1 day course at €145
so the coin is free


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