Module 6

Chokes from Different Angles
Choke Release as one Move
  • Pluck and Hit Principal
Escaping with Chokes when pinned to a  wall
Multiple Choking Drill
Technique Integrationn 
Tecniques are not ‘clean’
Plucking ..Why you do not need too manu techniques
  • Hicks Law

2 Day Course Scheduled for 12/13

In line with the re-opening roadmap we have set the date for our first weekend course as Sept 12/13,.. this is later than the roadmap to allow for any delays...

it will have a 50% capacity

The first 10 to book will get full on-demand lifetime access to our video course... This will be provided on you can watch the entire course before you start and use it


All Participant get access our a Free 1 Day Refresher course for life

Unfortunately, we may need to increase our fees in the future BUT for this course, we are our fee remains at 195