Learn How to Protect Yourself from a Violent Assault

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 F.C.A.T  - Female Counter Assault Training

Female Counter Assault Training

The Course ie Led by Patrick Cumiskey who has trained thousands of men an women how to protect themselves over the last 20 years.

The FCAT course has been designed to teach women and teenage girls essential self defence concepts they can learn in 1 day course sabe their lives.

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 You will Learn...

How to Avoid Being Selected as  Victim

How to Prevent an Assault

How to Fight Back and Escape

Course Contents

Understand How Predators Operate

In this section we will bring you inside the mind of a Predator to help you understand how they decide when and who to attack.

Deterring a Potential Attacker

How to act if approached by a predator to deter them and position yourself to act in your own defence.

How to Escape being Choked

Being Choked is terrifying , which is why it is often used as a tool of intimidation
and control which is why it is essential to learn how to deal with this situation.

Developing a Self Defence Mindset

We will focus on specific strategies , mental models and tactics in building a Self Defence mindset. We have found that teaching these concepts alone can improve safety

How to Strike to Escape

We will teach you how to strike vulnerable areas to create the opportunity to escape.

All strikes we teach have been proven to work on anyone, regardless of size or strength,

How to get someone off you on the ground

in the event of a sexual assault, an attacker will often try to pin their victim on the ground. in this sections. we will show you how to escape from these difficult positions.

In this section, we will show you how to escape from these difficult positions.

How to Avoid Selection as a Victim

We will look at how Predators select victims and how to avoid even being considered

How to Escape form Being Held

In this section, we will cover how to escape from common grabs such Headlocks, Wrist Grabs, Bearhugs and other common holds

How to Avoid being carried or dragged away.

We will show you how to stop yourself being taken to secondary location.  This is crucial, as victims taken to secondary locations are under much higher levels of risk.

Samples Lessons

Grab from Behind

Escape a Choke

Breaking Away