Advanced 2 Day Course: April  23/24

We haven't Run This Course in 3 years,  this is the next level training building on our core 2 day and 12-week programme.

I will run it just once in 2022

This course is open to everyone who has taken our 12 week or 2-day course (or  currently in training)
Important: There are only 15 Places on this course I will be teaching it in our Portobello Training Centre



  • Advanced Punching.Attack Defences
  • Gun Defence
  • Street Ground Fighting /Tight Spaces
  • Multiple Assailants
  •  Dealing with Trained Fighters (MMA, Boxers), ete
  •  Protecting Others
  •  Next Level Knife Defence

Knife Defence course Full Day: Jan 8 

This course is a Full Day Course covering all aspects of knife
This is a full day  standalone course because that is the minimum amount of
time we have found that we can effectively teach knife defence.
This course partners very well with the 2 Day course.
This course will include "white t-shirt" training, where we experiment using
whiteboard markers and t-shirts to fully understand the reality of knife fighting
We will Cover
- Over Head ("psycho attacks)
- Pinned Knife Defences
- 'Hostage" Grapes
- Concealed Knife

Knife Fighting

Uniquely in  this course will also teach military knife fighting, you will learn how to fight with a nife to understand how 
to defend more effectivle
* This course will follow the vaccination requirements in place at the time of the course

Mental Toughness Course

I am delighted to let you know that for the first time in 5 years I am teaching a Mental Toughness course I have developed.

Participants in our seld dfeence course regularly cite the psychology we teach as a key element of our program.
This is because I have spent over 25 years researching mental toughness as a trained psychotherapist and positive psychology trainer and built elements of that research  into our classes,.
 in this course I outline a full Mental Toughness system I have developed in a similar manner to your Krav Maga Course. The idea is to make essential and impactful ideas available in an interesting and accessible program.
I have held this course in person just 4 times and delivered it to a wide range of security units and corporates 

Online with Recordings

The Online Course will run for 4 Classes Over 2 Weeks. (Tuesday/Thursday)
Classes will be online and recorded all members will have lifetime access to the course
So if you cant make all you will still have to be able to watch them in your own time and come  back to them

Key Topics

- Stick Mans Journey * This one idea has helped a lot of people understand the motivations and challenges.
- ‘Current State Audit” is a powerful way to understand where you are and where to focus your efforts
- Dealing with Pressure and Difficult Situations
- Building  a Problem Solving  Operating System
- How to Make Changes
- Fortress You: Putting in place the foundations that you can build on 
- Projects for Results: Turning the Lessons from the course into results
  • A Powerful method I developed blending the ideas of mental toughness with my 20 years of experience advising at the Board and Government level.
plus much more

Course Fees

Standalone(Book each Course individually)
2 Day Advanced 295
1 Day Knife Defence 145
Mental Toughness Course 195
Take all 3 Courses for plus a free pass to 2 Day Self Defence Course 495
This allows you take all 3 of our advanced classes (Knife, Advanced week) and live online Mental Toughness course for one fee of 495, plus you will receive a Free Pass to our 2 Day Regular course you can use yourself or give to someone you would like to take the course ( We can even give
you a Gift Voucher !)
This gives you training to the value of 795 for just 495 a 300 Saving
15 Places only (limited by room size)
I expect this to fill very fast, we will not be able to extend this as we are limited by  our room zie,
Plus .. I want to keep it to 15 so everyone gets the most out of the class

Fill out my online form.