Small Group Sessions

These sessions are suitable Business Courses, Familly or groups Friends.

Sessions are 2 hours each (can be shortened to 90 mins if necessary)

The course can be provided in our Training Facility or other suitable location.

Their fee is 395 per session for up to 15 people, an additional 10 per person applies for additional

You can choose how far in the program you  you want to go.
Up to 4 sessions can be grouped and delivered together

Sample Lesson Schedule

1 - Fail the Interview / Hit and Run  - how to avoid and recognize situations  and take action

2. Escape from Being Dragged

3. Fighting Back using the "Blast Method"

4. Defending against Chokes

5. Escaping from being pinned

6. Extreme Close Combat

7:  Escape from the ground (* must be taught on our Dublin 8  facility for safety reasons)


An online self defence awareness and tips course is also available at the standard session rate


Session Time Available are 12-4 pm

If 4 Modules are completed participants are eligible for our annual free
refresher course subject to a 12 Euro charity donation.

A session can be taken 1 at a  time or can be bundled up to 3 for a full day session

Bookings must be made and paid 3 weeks in advance

Date subject to confirmation


*Fees quoted are based on the course taking place in our Dublin city centre training location or within 30 minutes drive.
Travel costs apply outside of this.