How our Self Defence Classes are Structured

Our Self Defence training course's purpose is to allow ordinary people to learn how to Protect Themselves fast.


We have spent over 20 years and used our experience of teaching over 80,000 people and  25+ Military units to develop programmes which teaches you how to protect yourself and your family as quickly as possible,


The course is organised as 12 Core modules which build on each other, the modules can be delivered as 12 Self Defence classes taken on a weekly basis or the can be taken as a complete  2 day self defence course.





Module 1

In this module you introduce you to the core concepts of seld defence. You will learn

how predators think and seleet victims

how  to avoid being identfiied as a potential vistim, how to

Underatnd the OODA Loop and how it can be used to disrupt an attackers game plan

How to use the No trip wire to undertand when you need to escalate your response your reponse

How  to use your voice and clear commnds to deter an attackets

How to ise the "Blast: Strategy to protect your self and create and escape opportunity