Parent and Teen Self Defence Course

This unique self-defence course has been designed s0 that parents and their teenagers can learn essential self-defence skills tother.

Course Fee

Early Booking
The first 6 places are €145 which covers on Parent or Guardian or Teen

After that the full fee of €245 applies


Additional Participants

Addiion Teens added  €50
Additional Adults can be added at €75


The course will take runs 10-am - 4:30 pm

This 1-day course will cover essential self defence aspects  and will include:

Self Defence Mindset and Assertiveness
Escape from Dangerous Holds
- Headlock
- Chokes
- Bearhugs

How to escape from being pinned on the ground

How to escape from being dragged
How to Defend against being punched

How to Strike and Escape

Knife Awareness

Course Location

The course will take place our our training centre at 29 Avenur RD, Portobello, Dublin

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Course Content

Self Defence is a Family Affair

Our one day course as a joint activity for parents and teenagers creating a shared experience and framework for self defence. The minimum booking is one Parent (or Guardian) and teenager, additional adults ir teens can be adde to a booking


Building Confidence

Confidence comes from preparation. For teenagers, learning self-defense is especially empowering as it helps them navigate complex social situations and handle peer pressure or potential threats assertively.

Situational Awareness

A key component of self-defense is situational awareness – being aware of one’s surroundings and potential dangers. This course teaches both parents and teens thinks  about situations and their environment. We teach how to be aware, what to look for and when to act..

This skill is invaluable not just for personal safety, but also in everyday life, as it enhances decision-making and response to various situations

Practical self Defence Techniques

Focusing on reality-based techniques, such as those found in Krav Maga, the course teaches practical and effective methods of self-defense.

Personal Responsibility and Ethical Awarness

Self-defence training is not just about physical techniques; it’s also about understanding the legal and ethical implications of self-defense. This course educates families on responsible self-defense, highlighting the importance of using skills in a legally appropriate and ethical manner.

Real Life Situations

Parents and teenagers learn how to handle real-life situations that they might encounter. The covers a range of scenarios, from dealing with bullies to understanding how to react in more dangerous situations. This preparation can reduce fear and anxiety, as both parents and teens feel more prepared to handle life’s uncertainties

This holistic approach to safety educates and empowers families, providing valuable skills beyond the training room.

By participating, together families build a foundation for a safer, more confident, and united future.

Sample Reviews

The course is realistic and teaches your child what a real street situation is like. It also teaches the child and parent hiw to deal with it and also how to avoid such situations in order to prevent you or your child from getting into such a situation in the first place.

Every child and parent should do this course as it could well save your lives in the future . It's a course that does not discriminate between size or strength, male or female, so anyone of any fitness can do the course. If you care about your child, then do this course. I have two girls and I never want them to be in a situation where they would have to use this but at least this course teaches and gives them a fighting chance.

I enjoyed overall the structure of the day. I particularly like the psychological approach/ background of self-defence. Also, the physicality, the exercices and situations approach were really good. At the end of the session, we felt more confident about ourselves.Joanna, Maria & John were a great addition under Patrick's leadership. Their good humour and friendliness made for a very positive experience

The information we were given and real world skills are exactly what I was looking for. The way it was taught was exceptional

Attended the parent-teen course with my daughter. Best Xmas Gift ever! The session is very well structured. It is packed with psychology, physicality, situations approach, shared anecdotes & experiences from Patrick. You will learn to apprehend and react to assault. With the use of simple tools: reflexes, acronyms & logic explained and demonstrated by Patrick & his team will give you confidence to analyse and tackle any issue in a split second...(should the need arise).

Plus, the parenting element is cleverly weaved into it. Finally, you will have a lot of fun in the process!