Predators Hunt For Vulnerability


A man who used his Taxi as a tool for harming young women was recently found guilty (irish times report here)

He searched the city seeking the young women he targeted. He used his guise as a Taxi driver to trap his victims when they needed help and support.

Vulnerability Attracts Predators

What you must understand is that when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable, the predators will appear.

..they are already present, it is only when they see you are vulnerable that they reveal themselves.

Getting Home...Always have a Plan

Have a Plan for getting home, especially if you likely to be impaired.

Think about With Who, When and How

..always have a backup plan…for when you need help.

Team up with friends and family to be each other's "on call" support. Have a text code or message that means “come get me”.

Remember, we all make mistakes and circumstances can conspire to make us vulnerable.

We need to plan for when we are out and at our most vulnerable and not at our strongest.