Man Attacked in Laneway

In the video below a man is attacked as enters a laneway in Chicago.

We can learn from this terrible video by using it to remind us of key concepts we discuss and practice our course.



The Situation Creates the Victim

  • This man is young and looks fit and he tries to fight back, but he never gets into the fight
  • He is punched to the head from close range and form thereĀ  a second guy engages
  • He is stunned and is now dealing with 2 attacked



  • Was he monitoring is environment?
  • Did you understand the fundamental shift that occurred once he turned down the laneway

Predators Wait

  • The assailants know the environment
  • In the second video you can see the way for a potential victim to enter the laneway then they enter in a 2 stage assault


Don't die over Possessions

The man was bruised but will recover


For those who have taken my ground fighting classes


  • Remember Psyco-Cycling
  • Covering the head
  • Get up fast using all 4 limbs



  • Active scanning
  • Predators wait
  • always know who is within 10m
  • You have 2 seconds

Full Video

Predators Wait

From this video, it's clear that the assailants wait around the laneway for a Victim to show up.

Instead of stalking they wait for someone to show up in a place that works for them.

They target his Backpack..perhaps believing there is a laptop inside


Don't Help Predators

Isolated/Dark areas suit predators .. by being present in these places they likelihood of an assault increases