Think Like a Body Guard to Keep Your Children Safe

The sophisticated human brain takes years to develop, meaning newborns and children require years of nurturing before they can take care of themselves. This is unusual in the animal kingdom, so nature developed a system to allow them to mature and that is the instinctive care and concern we have for children, even those we have no relationship with.

We are nature's designated bodyguards for our children. You are a bodyguard whether you know it or not, so thinking like a professional bodyguard may help you protect your principal!

Below are some ideas for thinking like a Bodyguard

Know the people who have access to your child

A trained bodyguard never allows anyone access to their principal without them being fully vetted and background checked. Until total trust is developed, they are never left alone together.

Do you know everyone who has access to your child?
Have you ensured they have been properly vetted to YOUR satisfaction?

Know where they are at all times

A bodyguard knows where it’s principal is at all times, even going as a far as using tracking devices. There is never a moment when a bodyguard is not absolutely sure of their principal’s location.

Yes, this can be annoying to the principal, but that’s the price they pay for being important.

Watch exits in public places

When the principal is at a particular location exits and entrances are monitored at all times to ensure no-one could leave with them. The principal is never out of sight or allowed to leave alone - even if they want to.

Take action on unusual behaviour

As normal people, if someone behaves strangely, perhaps being too familiar, loitering or paying too much attention, we may try to ignore it, assuming it’s nothing perhaps fearing we are overacting.

A bodyguard doesn’t think like that. They trust their instincts and take action. They either investigate or leave. The key point is they do something to deal with the ‘feeling’ instead of waiting to see. Bodyguards know they can’t wait for final confirmation of threat, because this is often harm to the principal.


Bodyguards alway know where you are going and know what you will do if anything unusual happens. They have considered the risk of threat and take action to prevent them happening

Work as Team

Bodyguards work as a team, they rely on intelligence and communication with other bodyguards.
Do you connect with other parents and carers and check with them regarding your child’s safety?

Train you Principal

Bodyguards train and educate their principal about how they should act if something happens. They practice escapes and safety measures so that if something happens everyone knows what to do.

Bodyguards Keep their skills up to date

If you would like to ‘upgrade’ your bodyguard skills to make sure you can protect yourself and others from threats, you might be interested in our self defence course.

About Our Course

Our Flagship self defence course can be taken as a 12-week course or over a weekend. The course is designed to teach you to protect yourself and others from threats and violent assault.