I'm glad I've attended the two-day course. Not only I've learned an art that can be life-saving

What I've enjoyed the most was the group diversity. We had people of many ages, and everyone seemed to be engaged. I've also enjoyed the stories Patrick used to set up the context for the techniques. Lastly, I've felt we had enough psychological safety to explore and learn about the concept of Self-Defence versus Protective Offence. What can I say? I'm a satisfied VIP Client.


Clesia Mendes

Attended Patrick's 2 day self defence for the real World course on 2-3rd April. I am still blown away a few days later at just how incredibly brilliant the course was. The pace at which Patrick went considering how much there is to learn was great. He was very detailed and made sure everyone learnt each move and demonstrated perfectly. The partner work and group practical work was very helpful and we all had a lot of fun learning. . I smile though as I write this as due to Patrick's excellent teaching, I know I will be able to remember what to do and fight now, only if I can't get away. I also intend on refreshing my knowledge next year with a refresher course which he runs. A very talented man and very inspirational. Highly recommend to both women and men of all ages.

Tanya Cruikshank

Learned more in 2 days than in years. Enjoyed the size of class and the humour interjected between the extreme physicality.

Exceptionally well structured with amazing content and relevance to real life situations.

Peter Borley

Really interesting training that got me to totally re think my personal safety and how I would approach a potential threat to me if that ever happened while giving me the confidence to do so.


D. Fennell