1.    The need for Self Defence

Today’s world seems to get more dangerous by the year. The number of muggings on the street rise steadily, fuelled by a foundering economy and the increase of pocket-sized personal valuables such as mobiles, iPods and other handheld electronics. In addition, the number of attacks on private citizens by teens is up, making the streets a dangerous place for everyday normal people.

A 2006 study led by Professor Trevor Bennett of the Centre for Criminology, University of Glamorgan interviewed detainees in prisons and young offenders’ institutions. In reply to questions asked by Bennett and his team, those interviewed revealed that the five main motives for street robbery were:

  • good times/partying
  •  keeping up appearances/flash cash
  •  buzz/excitement
  • anger/desire to fight
  • informal justice/righting wrong

A drugs connection was a factor in 60% of all robberies discussed with the offenders, who admitted to four main kinds of drugs-related motives:

  •  to fund dependent drug use
  •   to pay for recreational drugs for partying
  •    being under the influence of drugs
  •   informal justice

According to those interviewed, some offenders went out alone with the intention to rob an easy target in order to buy drugs. Some robbed in groups or gangs for excitement, while others stole from individuals as a form of retaliation, whether for real or perceived wrongs triggered by drug use.

So what is the answer? Carrying a weapon? Going about armed illegal, and studies show that the run-of-the-mill civilian is more likely to have his weapon taken from him or her by an attacker and used to their own harm. The reason for this is that most of us have a natural hesitance to harm our fellow man - a reluctance that is almost certainly not shared by an attacker, who is already committed to violence.


Living in fear and never leaving one’s home is likewise not an option. The true answer is learning how to avoid bad situations, and how to handle yourself should you be unfortunate enough to end up in a position where you can neither walk away nor talk a would-be attacker out of their intent. In every situation, there is a moment when you can change everything by making the right or wrong choice. This booklet is designed to show you the right choices.


Tip: Look at the things you carry on your person that might tempt someone to attack you with theft as a motive. Figure out ways to keep valuables out of sight, don't engage in obvious displays of value and when in higher risk areas avoid earphones etc, which reduce you awareness.