So why should you learn Self Defence


Your Life IS Worth Protecting


What is your Life? it’s your:


  • Your Potentia;..what you can do in the world
  • Confidence and Ability to take action
  • Relationships: Your friends, family and  the special people in your life


People Need You, you are incredibly valuable to them .


Predators want to take from your life.


They wait until you are Most Vulnerable, when 

  • you  make a mistake
  • The situation gets out of your control
  • When you are sick unwell, or less physically  capable


They may not pick you, you might get by, but you are not in control

You are hoping


With Self Defence Small Things can make a difference.


When you decide to learn self defence you are learning a complete system

  •  How Predators think
  • How to avoid ever engaging with Predator
  • How to spot situations early - How to take decisive action 
  • How To Fight, you will learn, you can create harm, pain, delay and disruption so that you can escape


You are taking control of what might the important  few moments of your life


You are the Last Line of Defence


Ultimatley, You are the last line of Defence, and a small action can make a difference.


  • Maybe others will help, but there is no Guarantee
  • Predators will wait until its less likely you will get help


When are have important events in our life, we prepare, if you are getting married you have a rehearsal, or if  you are doing a talk or presentation you would practice, we ensure our valuables and take out health insurance,  but very few people actively prepare what could be the most defining few seconds of your life


Learn Self Defence to be Ready

When you learn self defence you are preparing and giving your self the best possible chance for the most important few seconds in your life.


Learning Self defence is about living your life fully and safely


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