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Krav Maga Ireland in the Irish Times

  We  were Featured in the Irish Times by Journalist Megan Scott, who took our 2 Day course. In her article, she highlights how we very quickly teach everyday normal people how to protect themselves. You can book at here: Book A Place You can read the article by clicking here or on the image below

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How to Stay Safe with the Same Tactics as Jason Bourne In line with the release of the latest Bourne movie “Jason Bourne” ,Universal Studio  asked us to give a  training course to a number of TV, Radio, Newspaper and Web journalists based on Bourne’s tactics in the movies. Below I have outlined some of…

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Two Attempted Abductions in South Dublin

The Sunday independent has again reported  repeated attempts to abduct children in the last week. This happens much more often than you think! The incidents happened in the Shankhill and Booterstown areas on separate days. Gardaí have said they appear to involve the same man driving   a  black 99-Reg saloon and who had a…

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Our Training was reviewed Today in Irish Daily Mirror Courses dates and booking details are at this link Course Dates  The course covered our one  day FCAT Course (Female Counter Assault Training). While this course was for women only , We teach the same material to all   Click Here to Read PDF Version  

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Child Kidnap

Two Girls aged 13 and 14 have admitted Kidnapping a 2-year-old baby girl from a Primark shop in Newcastle, England. The child they kidnapped was their second attempt at the store on the day in question, where they had previously tried to trick a mother to take her child. The girls gave the toddler sweets and…

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Think like a Bodyguard to Keep Your Child Safe

Think like a Bodyguard to Keep Your Child Safe The sophisticated human brain takes years to develop, meaning newborns and children require years of nurturing before they can take care of themselves. This is unusual in the animal kingdom, so nature developed a system to allow them to mature and that is the instinctive care…

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