Course Feedback

I found the course is a great life skill everyone should have and I plan to make sure my older kids attend. Really impressed with the team and also the amount of skills we were shown in such a short time.

Paul M.

I loved this course and couldn’t wait for Monday to come so I could see what we would learn next. Very practical. I gained a lot of perspective from this and a lot of confidence. Great group of people and coaches to train with as well. It covered a lot of psychological aspects which most martial arts don’t do. Most martial arts teach you pieces of this but it isn’t the focus, most martial arts in this era focus more on the sports side and sparring, which is great training, but only a part of the big picture. I believe Krav Maga Ireland focuses on real situations, which I really enjoyed.


Kyle M

Paula S.

Sintijia A.

The course was excellent. Well structured and suitable for everyone who attended.
instructors were excellent at explaining technique and after just a few hours those attending were able to assess a situation and deal with any threat.
very impressed with the results.


Paul B.

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