Parrent and Teen Self Defence Course:


As a parent, enrolling my daughters in a self-defense course was initially motivated by a sense of concern for their safety, especially in today's uncertain world.

However, what began as a precautionary measure turned into a transformative experience for both them and me.

We attended the Krav Maga Ireland Parent and Teen Self Defence course i n portobello, Dublin

The self-defense course not only equipped my daughters with practical techniques to protect themselves but also instilled in them a newfound sense of confidence and empowerment. Under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors, they learned a variety of strategies to handle potentially dangerous situations effectively.

What truly impressed me about the course was its emphasis on communication and prevention. Beyond physical techniques, my daughters were taught invaluable lessons in situational awareness, boundary setting, and de-escalation tactics. These skills are essential for navigating everyday life, whether it's walking home from school or socializing with peers.

Moreover, the course didn't just focus on the teenagers; it provided numerous tips and resources for parents as well. From understanding the psychology of attackers to implementing safety measures at home, I found the guidance provided invaluable in fostering a safer environment for my family.
I wholeheartedly recommend this self-defense course for parents and teenagers alike.


It offers a comprehensive approach to safety and empowerment that goes beyond mere physical techniques, providing invaluable skills and knowledge for navigating the world with confidence and resilience.