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3 Professional Show Videos teaching essential Self Defence Techniques and Ideas

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What You Will Learn


Why You Can't Wait for Final Proof of Assault!

This video helps you understand how attacks happen and teach a simple idea that shows prevents you from being ambushed.


Escape from Being Choked

Someone choking you is trying to kill you..This Video teaches you how to escape from being choked from behind.


Live Course with Nicky Byrne in RTE

We were invited onto the Byrne Show, this impromptu class was filmed in the RTE, where we showed Nicky and Jenny Greene how to escape from being dragged somewhere!

Learn How to Protect YourSelf Fast

We teach everyday normal people how to Protect themselves fast.

Our training can be taken as a 12 Week course training once a week or can be completed in a weekend.  Classes are for men and women, no previous experience or specific fitness level required.


Everyone who completes our course can avail of a Free annual refresher course for life..

Classes fill in advance... Early Booking advised..

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