The Rapist Said "Be quiet and do as I tell you and you won't get hurt" ....

She told him to "Go F*k Himself"an Put Him Out.


This week the UK a man was found Guilty of attempted rape after he was knocked out by the woman he thought would be a victim.

He used a very common ploy - he caught her by surprise, stunned her and then promised he wouldn't hurt her if she was quite and did what he said.

This is something I talk about in our classes, The "Comply" promise... designed to allow them do what they want, It's always a lie - The Plan IS to hurt, that's why they attacked!

The woman knew His lies were a second part of his attack and fought back with everything she had, finally using her legs to choke him out.

 He's going to Jail.

Never Believe an Attacker .... the lies are part of the attack

Fight ! , They Want a Victim Not a Fighter.



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