Think Like a Mugger to Stay Safe

View of dangerous man walking at night

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself that could save your life.

“Where would you Mug Yourself”?
If you were a mugger where would the best place to mug you be?
At home, while you are at work or travelling back or forth, could it be when you are out socialising or when you are with certain people?
Attackers are predators seeking to prey on people at their weakest and most vulnerable. They very rarely attack at random...
.... they need the conditions to be right... they need the right place, the right person (in their mind) and they need to believe they can get away with their crime.
Your Job is to minimise these opportunities.
You may already know the best place to attack you because you feel it in your body when it occurs, or you may simply be unaware until now.
So think about now, if you were to mug yourself ...where would you do it, how would you do it and why would you do it this way?
Now.... Do something about it....take action to be safer under these conditions.
Now for another question… Where’s the next best place to Mug you?

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