A Woman was mugged and stabbed in Dublin last weekend as she entered her apartment block.

Thankfully she escaped although with cuts from an edged weapon.

Attacks happen because "They can".

it is important to understand that attacks by predators such as this happen because the situation allows it.

They attack because they believe they can get what they want and escape.

In this case, it was a lone woman, late at night, carrying a bag... as horrible as this sounds this is the 'perfect' setup for a predator, predators attack when they believe you are at your most vulnerable and they are most powerful.

Situations like this happen every day, but there are things you can do to reduce your risk

So what can you do?

My advice...

Do everything you can reduce the 'attraction' to the predator 

-'Map' you route home, understand high-risk areas and develop a plan

- If travelling late at night or in isolated environments try to be with someone or have someone meet you

- Do not display 'predator magnets', e.g bags, phones, anything worth stealing if you ever think you are about to be being followed accept it and escape as fast as you can (you will notice that the woman sees the predator as she approaches the gate),


Don't get hurt over possessions - let it go and escape

If you are going to fight - be massively aggressive, drive forward attacking." defensive fighting" will cause you to be hurt more

Always focus on escape, the moment you can get away ... go

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