Self Defence Strategy .. Woman Outs predator on a Bus

A video went viral last week on an incident in the UK. Video below

An argument arose when the woman moved her seat to when a man sat beside her on an empty bus.

This 'Man" took offense and proceed to interrogate the woman about what was wrong with her and why she moved.

Her totally straight response is very clear " It's Weird" ..why would he sit beside someone he doesn't know
when there are plenty of seats available?

.and she is of course right
...and she had the courage and insight to trust her instincts and essential part of self defence strategy
The fact he was annoyed proved she was right
(My only tip would be to have  kept moving all the way downstairs

Failing the Interview

In our self defence course, we talk about the "Interview you want to fail".

Predators sometimes use "lower threshold" inappropriate behavior to asses
how someone might react to an assault
.... we call this  "The Interview" ..
Inappropriate closeness  .. or intrusion in personal space is a classic first step
You fail the interview by acting when things are wrong no matter how small
.because often it's just the first step.
It feels "weird" or off It is ...Get away from where you are ...All the Way
Find out more
You can find out more about the interview you want to fail here in our video about "The interview you want to fail"